Our Commissioners

Since its creation in 1926, the Port of Harlingen Commission has served as the Port’s governing body. Through this community leadership, the Port is now a robust, multimodal port providing economical transportation to markets as close as Corpus Christi and as far as the Great Lakes. It is the second largest in Cameron County, with an overall cargo tonnage of 2 million annually.

However, the Port’s values remain just as they did almost a century ago; serving the citizens of the Rio Grande Valley region by creating economic opportunity, stewarding environment responsibly, partnering  with communities and entities, and holding ourselves accountable and transparent.

All authority of the Port of Harlingen is vested with the Board by the state of Texas in accordance with the Texas Water Code, chapter 62. Five Commissioners, elected at-large by district voters, serve four year terms, governing the Port, leading all inter-governmental functions, and overseeing the Executive Director. 

Commission Meetings

Port Commissioners’ meetings are normally held at 12 p.m. on the first and third Thursday of each month at The Port of Harlingen Office, 24633 E. Port Rd. Harlingen, TX 78550. Because meeting times can change, please visit this page for the most up-to-date information. General Public is welcome.

Meeting Schedule


Date Type Location Documents
Jan. 2022
Jan. 6 Regular Port Agenda
Jan. 20 Regular Port Agenda
Feb. 2022
Feb. 3 Regular Port Agenda
Feb. 17 Regular Port Agenda
March 2022
March 3 Regular Port Agenda
March 24 Regular Port Agenda
April 2022
April 7 Regular Port Agenda
April 21 Regular Port Agenda
May 2022
May 10 Resched Port Agenda
May 19 Regular Port Agenda
June 2022
Jun. 2 Regular Port Agenda
Jun. 23



Port Agenda
July 2022
July 1 Special Port Agenda
July 6 Rescheduled Port Agenda
July 21 Regular Port Agenda
Aug. 2022
Aug. 11 Rescheduled Port Agenda
Aug. 18 Regular Port Agenda
Sept. 2022
Sept. 1 Regular Port Agenda
Sept. 15 Regular Port Agenda


Port of Harlingen Commissioners

Bryan Duffy

Board Commissioner since 2011

Neil Haman

Board Commissioner from 2007 to 2011. Re-elected in 2019.

Alan Johnson, Chair

Board Commissioner since 1988.

Ryan Newman

Board Commissioner since 2021.

Chris Villarreal

Board Commissioner since 2021.