70th Anniversary


A look back from the beginning to today. 



The first official meeting of the Arroyo Colorado Navigation District of Cameron and Willacy Counties (1927).

Starting to make headlines! The Port will officially be created.

Dregding toward the Port site continues creating the navigation channel we know today.

Excitment builds as progress toward Harlingen Port continues. 

Plans continue to progress (1945).

Commissioners meet in regards to planning for the site of the Port (1949).


Dredging is underway of the Port’s portion of the Arroyo (1951).

The turning basin is under construction (1951).

First barge of steel comes to the Port July 8, 1951. This was also the first barge to dock at the Port. 

Local coverage in the afternoon edition of the Valley Morning Star (1952).

Ribbon cutting at the Port of Harlingen Grand Opening Feb. 1952.

Many speakers helped to ring in the celebration of the official opening of the Port, which included officials from the ACND, City of Harlingen and the Harlingen Chamber of Commerce (1952).

More than 5,000 people attended the event (1952).

Local coverage from the Valley Morning Star (1952).

Local coverage from the Valley Morning Star (1952).

First oil shipment (1953).

First grain barge, June 23, 1956.


The Port dock starts seeing more commodities move through our region (1961).

Petroleum continues to be a staple as The Port of Harlingen (1961).

Loading grain to barge was direct from truck-to-dock in the 1960s.(1961).

Many take advantage of the new import and export capabilities in our community (1961).

Rail brings in another portion of our multi-modal capabilities (1962).

An overview of a growing Port (1965).

In 1967, Hurricane Beulah devistated Cameron County. The warehouse and dock were underwater in the aftermath. 

In 1967, Hurricane Beulah devistated Cameron County. The warehouse and dock were underwater in the aftermath. 


Improvements and pipeline come to the Port (1970).

New dock structures for more transport (1972).

More improvements mark growth (1972).

A busy dock (1976).

At the end of the decade, the Port saw much growth as it comes into the 1980s (1979).

Commissioners and staff take the first shovel to the earth for the ground breaking of our Administration Building (1979).


View of the new administration building and water tower, 1982.

Overhead view of the Port in 1983. 


Special projects create great use for our docks (1990).

Commodities hold steady at the port (1992).

Favel Favco brings in a shipment of cranes to the Port (1992).

Sugar loads from the dock to barge (1992).

A close up of sugar loading (1993).

Liquid barges pump goods out to our docks (1996).


Port of Harlingen from overhead (2015).

Sugar barge moving through the channel (2015).

Tug bringing in goods to our region (2015).

Sand aggregate coming into the Port to be used for regional construction (2015).

Tanker barge bringing in what will become our biggest commodity in the next 5 years (2015).

Current overhead view of our Port (2021).

Fuel now makes up about 87% of our commodities (2021).

Our Port continues to be the exporter for all sugar out of our region (2021).

Our turning basin offers a queing area for barges to wait for goods (2021).

Aggregates continue to be a major product moving across our docks (2021).